Citizens United was a horrible decision, let’s fix it. Change the Rules – Sign The Pledge

Hello from your friends at the Democratic-Republican Party of NJ. It’s time to change the rules. Citizens United, a court case ruled on by the Supreme Court, allowed unlimited funding of political campaigns by private and public corporations. This flew in the face of 200 years of how things were done. By keeping big money out of politics, the idea was that the common man could have input and not have the election “bought” by the influence of big money. Then came the Supreme Court case that changed the way things were done with Citizens United. Regardless of any other decision by the Supreme Court, this was a game changer for big money. They now got to buy the elections with unlimited wealth by using something called a Political Action Committee which is a private company that doesn’t have to open its books to anyone but will have the action of probably creating more unlimited wealth which was why it was so important and the Supreme Court had no issues with. It is a cycle that needs to be broken but you need to stand up for it and cause it to break.

Many people suggest that an amendment to the constitution is the answer. The Democratic-Republican Party of NJ has another simpler suggestion by using the rules committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate to just Change the Rules. What do we suggest? See below. It’s so simple, we can’t believe all 535 Senators and Congressmen haven’t signed off on it already. And if they don’t sign it? Consider that your vote might want to go to a candidate that cares what you think. It is your vote and it can’t be bought! Every candidate you talk to should agree to sign this petition and if they won’t, ask them why not?  Want change in Congress that means something? We’ve posted a Pledge for those running for the Electoral College two sign, which is in two parts and we want Congress to pass it as a House/Senate Rule rather then creating amendments to the Constitution.

We don't need a new amendment, we just need to change the Rules

Congresspeople and Senators have to agree that they’ll abstain from voting on subjects they received PAC money support. – The start of Change the Rules was on 9/15/12 and launched with the signatures of three Congressional Candidates signatures and the support signatures of two County Freeholder Candidates. Change will come if you force the issue. Stand for Change or Settle for Less.

One for you to sign and send to your Congressmen/women or any one running for Congress and the other side for the Congressmen/women to sign stating that if they accept more then $1000.00 from a Special Interest Group or PAC committee, that they won’t be on a committee that directly relates to the money they accepted. We have no issues with them voting on the Congressional floor but we want to remove special interest money from the Citizens United ruling. We want to Change the Rules, not add a constitutional amendment that won’t pass 75% of the states and might take years to create and why bother when a simple rule change will do.

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